Why Organic?

For the last 60 plus years, going into a hair salon has meant being exposed to certain chemical smells. People associate that smell with hair salons. Walking down the street you could sense there was a hair salon close, by the smell. Husbands and boyfriends would wait in cars or outside to avoid that smell.  I remember visiting my aunts salon in the 60′s and 70′s and being blown over by the odors, practically brought tears to my eyes.

As a hairdresser for many years, I myself had made the statement numerous times, when people would complain about being exposed to the chemical smell or being in contact with the actual product on their head. “Is this suppose to itch burn or sting like it is doing on my head?” My response would be something along the lines of; “You don’t have a choice, there are no other options”. Just remember no pain no gain. All the time in the back of my head I had this nagging desire to be free of having to subject my clients to this level of discomfort and exposure. After all I was in the process of making the client look and feel more beautiful and better about themselves. Having to have something unpleasant happen during the process took the edge off the experience in my mind.  Myself as well being allergic to PPD, an ingredient in most hair colors, made my hands burn, itch and bleed.  Back in the 90′s I had to get these big green garden gloves to shampoo color off my clients so I would not get this reaction.  When I received color it would burn and itch, but I like so many I just dealt with it.

Working around the smell for so long on a daily basis, any hairdresser will tell you that they just don’t notice it, but in actuality they just “get used to it”  My aunt did die of cancer eventually and I often wondered if it had anything to do with being a hairdresser in a time when hair products where the most toxic.

My research has uncovered, that about 50 to 60% of people that have their hair colored with ammonia based color, suffer some degree of adverse reaction.  Headaches, feeling ill or nauseous, feeling foggy or the like. I have had some people tell me that they go to bed for 24 hours or so after they have their hair colored with ammonia based products. The price of beauty, as some would refer to it.
I am so grateful that I have found an alternative in OWAY (Organic Way) products . Oway Hcolor is the world’s first biodynamic, free-trade, professional only hair color. It is a cream based color that is ammonia free, and contains ingredients that were grown on the family’s 100 year old organic farm in Bologna, Italy.   www.oway.it
Ciao for Now!
Phyllis DiSalvo