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Chemicals not in the mix at Botanica Organic Salon

July 3rd, 2007, by Katie Khoury | Staff Writer | The Medina Gazette

Botanica Organic Salon, which opened in March 2007 at 4099 Medina Road, Medina Township, is “as chemical-free as a salon can be.”

Phyllis DiSalvo, an owner and stylist at the salon, said she only carries 99 percent certified organic products, which contain antioxidants and fewer unnecessary chemicals.

“Organic salon products is a huge improvement in our industry” she said. “It’s absolutely non-odorous. … It’s very gentle on the hair and scalp,” and clients rarely have a chemical reaction to the product.

A press release states, “There are no petrol chemicals, sodium laureth sulfate or (propylene) glycol, which have been linked to health problems, asthma or allergies.”

DiSalvo related organic color works the same as other coloring products. “The end result is like any other hair coloring,” she said,  colors won’t fade or lose its shine. In addition, the highlighting product she uses “smells like almonds”

“A stone fireplace and wood ceiling are the focal points, with rich wood accents and calming artwork.” The salon is “surrounded by nature” and has lots of windows for “natural lighting, which is important for doing hair,” DiSalvo said.

Also, she related no phone calls are answered while servicing clients.“Being in the industry as long as I have I appreciate serenity and privacy,” DiSalvo said, “which our clients will get.”

Botanica Organic Salon is closed Sunday and Monday. Every other day of the week, DiSalvo has  “hours to accommodate.”

For information or to make an appointment, call DiSalvo at 330-722-7072.

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