Eyelash Extensions

Since 2006 The Lash Artists at Botanica Organic Salon have been the pioneers in offering this exciting service in Northeastern Ohio.  Phyllis was one of the first to become a certified Xtreme Lash stylist in the state and was January 2010 National lash stylist of the month!

Angela Chulack has been an exceptional lash stylist at Botanica since 2014.

At Botanica Lash Studio we do not charge by the thickness, length, or design. We consult with each client to give them their own personal look whether Natural, Dramatic or Diva!!!

Waking up in the morning and not having to put mascara on is a dream come true for most of us women.  Many women have trouble seeing well enough to put mascara on in the first place!   Many have allergies that make their eyes tier, smudging the mascara around the eyes.  Many use waterproof mascara that can pull out lashes and sometimes leads to permanent lash damage.  Lash curlers also damage lashes.  Xtreme Lash extensions are so lightweight that you do not feel that they are on.  The look can be as natural or dramatic as you wish.  As thick or as long as you like.  The lashes are applied one to one onto your own lashes.  No uncomfortable strips applied to the eyelid.

The lash room is clean and sanitary with commitment to safety.  While laying comfortably on a massage table with eyes closed most clients fall asleep.   Yes and sometimes Snore!!!   It is that relaxing!

Below are pictures of ACTUAL clients showing  Angela’s work.  Not just generic PR pictures from the lash suppliers!


Renee after                

Sonia after

 $250 Full Set Lash Extensions.  Natural, Dramatic or Diva!  Re-lash Fills $65

Visit www.extremelashes.com and please come  back to my site!!”

I love my lashes!  I hate putting mascara on.  It is such a waste of time!  Debbie P.

“I have never had long lashes even with mascara.  I feel so sexy!    Paula S.

“People often comment on how long my lashes are, but I keep my little secret and just say “Thank You!”  Susan T.

I know that there is many warnings on the internet as to the safety of the lash extension service and YES there is reason to be concerned and diligent in making the right choice on WHO preforms this service for you.  When applied incorrectly you CAN loose your own lashes!  Sometimes Permanently!  The extensions must be applied one at a time to each natural lash without clumping or adhering to adjacent lashes.  You should not be able to see ANY of the adhesive and the overall weight of each extension should not be too much for natural lash.  The decision concerning length and thickness of the extensions should be professionally considered depending on the length and thickness of EACH clients natural lashes.  Of course we ALL want long luxurious lashes, but not at the expense of loosing our own.

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