About Phyllis

Let me introduce myself…

I am Phyllis DiSalvo. I have been a hairdresser in Medina, Ohio for over 17 years. I have worked at other salons in the area and decided to open my own salon in March 2006. Having worked in salons that were noisy, crowded and full of odors. I want a more quiet and mature setting for my clients as well as myself. My salon actually smells pleasant. Acrylic nails are never preformed at Botanica Salon. I only work on one client at a time never answering phone calls when with them.

As a hairdresser for 28 years I have been involved in many aspects of this wonderful and exciting business.

An esthetician and make-up artist in Rocky River, Ohio. A stylist at the prestige’s salon Todays Headlines Rocky River with owner Colin Lively as an apprentice and later as a stylist.

In the 90’s I worked several years as a sales representative for the International Hair Care manufacture Goldwell. After learning the product line inside and out I continued on as an educator of hair color theories teaching and inspiring hairstylists within Ohio and Michigan. Also, performing at shows and seminars.

After moving to Medina, Ohio in 1998 I started again behind the chair servicing clients at Renovations Salon. After working there for 7 years and establishing a large clientele which many have followed me since, I ventured off on my own and worked for myself as an independent stylist at another local salon. During this time I researched and used unique product lines that my competitors never even heard of. Having a significant clientele with skin and respiratory allergies and MCSS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome) . I began to research non toxic products.

I went on-line as well as to the downtown Cleveland research library where I looked up ingredients and chemicals in hair color, perms and shampoos and conditioners. What I found surprised and bothered me. I found out that there are other product lines that either had none of the toxic chemicals in them or had significantly less of them.

March 21,2008 I opened Botanica Organic Salon where I am continually researching additional products that are safe but yet effective. I enjoy the technical part of hairdressing and educate my clients as well.

We are very pleased to be offering Organic Colour Systems hair color from London for all of our color services. This color line is new to the U.S. but has a proven track record in Europe. It is pH balanced and does not contain ammonia as do most conventional hair colors. With certified organic essences of chamomile, comfrey, aloe vera, orange & grapefruit as well as Vitamins E & C, this color has tremendous moisturizing and antioxidant properties to leave your hair feeling silky smooth. And the most important part… the color is vibrant yet natural and long lasting! The safest and most natural color in the world!